Coachella Valley

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Fran and I went to the CV for 4 nights.  We stayed in Palm Desert.  Was our first time in the desert and we just looked around and marveled at how different it is from our oceanside condo.

I have two entries, this one with some random shots around Palm Springs and this one from the Living Desert Zoo.

The shots of Marilyn Monroe are titled Forever Marilyn by Seward Johnson and is 26' tall' and she weighs in at 24,000 pounds.  He likes to sculpt people that were larger than life.

The babies are a set of ten, with barcodes on their faces, statement on societal dehumanization.  They are on loan and return to Prague soon.  The artist is David Černý.

The babies are crawling alongside another barely visible installation called The Fault Line Meditation which is a red line modeled from the San Andreas fault.  In the artist, Jevpic's, words it is ... a metaphor for the faults we encounter in our life. Faults have existed before us and will be after us. Just learn, grow and move on.

I actually find the desert scenery more artistic than anything else and quite amazing.