The Neighborhood by my Hotel in BCN

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I chose the Barcelona Editions by Marriot as our hotel for two reasons.  Primatily I have a boatload of Marriott points, and two, the main things we wanted to see were Cahe a Batllo and the PIcaso Musem, both of which were very close.  A side benefit was that the Barcelona Catherdral was also next door.  It is the gothic section of Barcelona so 14th and 15th century.  The Cathedral is build net to a Roman wall.  I am constantly amazed at the Roman constructions.  Years ago we went to Segovi Spain and the Aquaduct there was breathtaking.  Architecture is for me, the epitome of art because it incorporates artistic design, a solid understanding of physics, and human psychology in how the buildings will be used.  Barcelona, incorporates all of this, plus great seafood.

Here are some shots around the Hotel.  Some from the roof, some of the nearby market, and the Cathedral.  I really miss these markets.  When we lived in Hong Kong we got used to shopping in wet markets, produce markets, and cooked food markets.   Where we live in CA, there are farmers markets galore, but they seem to sell more arts and crafts and such than truck farm produce.

While I understand the basics of photography, my main shoot is birds as can be seen in many of these blog entries.  I am no expert in street photography or aligning perspective of still tall buildings when shooting with short lenses, I am more adept at capturing birds in flight with very long lenses.  But this is my chance to improve.  I didn't caption anything because I think you can tell the difference between th einside of a market and the outside of a Cathedral.