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Stable Diffusion is a text to image process which can create images from a  text description.  DALL-E is the first one, but stable-diffusion runs a lot easier.  They are all part of what people call Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Machine Learning (ML) or various forms of neural nets (NN). I just call it linear algebra.

If you want to try, just sign up at Create a Computer-generated picture

Anyway, I have been playing with computers for a long time and my longest home project was stock market prediction. It is easy to model the market, but probably impossible to predict for more than a very short period of time, and there are so many delays and slips for someone without a supercomputer and lightning fast connections to any of the various pools that they cannot trade quickly enough.  The information needed is now hard to get because of all the dark pools and distributed transactions that are not reported on the ticker. I worked on many stock markets around the world and believe the, free markets are (in the absence of criminals), perfect and will correct for any magic algorithm very quickly.  That is not to say computers are useless in trading.  Longer term portfolio management, for example, is much enhanced by unbiased math.

So off that soapbox.  Here are some computer generated birds created from short text descriptions.