Camino Real Park

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Arundell Baranca

Yesterday I went birding with the Ventura Audubon Society.  I am not the kind  of person that really enjoys organized anything, but I must say  this was quite nice.  About 10 people showed up, some very experienced birders, some photographers, some newbies like me, and some who have done this many times.  The guide provided answers to our questions and people pointed out various birds.  One could stay with the group or wander.  All told we walked 1/2 mile along the baranca in 2 hours and spent most of our time   observing.  The birds we saw were very small and quite high in the dense leaves so not easy to see   or photograph.  My images are blown up and grainy because of the low light, but perhaps you can get an idea of the day.

For a change I tried  to identify the species, which is something I am learning.  I also need to fix the CSS to make the captions easier to read when enlarged.