Winery Visit

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Firestone Winery

Not birds!!

Went on a tour of two wineries yesterday with The Wine Dude and some friends.  It was great.  We had rain at our house for the first time since March, but when we got to the wineries (60 miles North of our house) the weather was beautiful.  I had my camera in case I saw some birds in flight, but no such luck.

Shawn took us first to Lincourt Wineries and then to Firestone both part of the Foley group.  The tour was a lot of fun and very educational.  Shawn brought snacks and lunch and took us around in a Mercedes van, so it was very comfortable.

Anyway, here are a few pictures.  The Firestone winery is interesting for all the pictures on the wall of Presidents, Kings/Queens, and other world leaders and captains of industry.